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to the 2017 EGU General Assembly in Vienna (booth #103) >>

to the 2016 AGU fall meeting in San Francisco
(booth #1441) >>

Muquans visits the Los Angeles area, CA, USA >>

Muquans visits the Boulder area, CO, USA >>

Muquans visits MIT and Harvard campuses >>

Muquans proposes a new generation of ultra-high performance measurement instruments based on a unique and patented technology, which relies on the utilization of laser cooling, trapping and manipulation of neutral atoms.
We provide our customers with optimized solutions combining extreme performances and simple operability. We have developed a disruptive technological approach, which allows us to offer at the same time quantum precision measurements, along with a real turn-key operation and simple maintenance.

Our current product portfolio includes:

An absolute quantum gravimeter capable of measuring gravity with a relative accuracy of 10-9, dedicated to various geophysics applications.

An atomic clock, which provides a time reference signal offering relative stability and accuracy close to 10-15 and dedicated to time metrology applications.


Muquans -
Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine - Rue François Mitterrand - 33400 Talence - FRANCE
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